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An Allen Bradley L72 Processor It's a fact of life - control systems and power systems are subject to occasional failure. Residential power systems generally don't take very long to figure out, but in the case of multiple faults diagnosis is sometimes difficult. Heating and lighting controls and demand monitoring; analog and digital controls; as well as PLC and PAC industrial process controllers all use different methods to isolate and repair the issue.


1.5 inch EMT bent with a triple nickel and installed after a last-minute design discrepency Conduit is the standard method for industrial and commercial wiring - it takes years of experience to master and is considered an art form by most electricians.


Remodel Projects Is it time to remodel or rearrange your home or business? Whether moving lights, outlets, or switches there are a variety of things to consider when working in a finished or partially finished building. We can match your budget to high-quality components and achieve what you're looking for both aesthetically and functionally.


Remodel Projects Staying up-to-date with digital technology sometimes requires upgrading or expanding your physical network components. If WiFi isn't cutting it for your streaming, gaming, or downloading needs, we can design an integrated installation to increase the access and dependability of your home or small business network.


60 Amp Meter Socket Modern home technology can utilize much more power than older homes were designed to handle. Before significant improvements to your kitchen, laundry, or heating and cooling components it may be necessary to upgrade your electrical system. Many homes in the Minot area are still powered by 60 amp fuse panels. An upgrade to a circuit panel is generally recommended and may not be as costly or complicated as you suspect.


Humidity controller on a forced air heating unit It's generally necessary to upgrade your wiring when installing new HVAC components or systems. Dual fuel (gas and electric) heating systems and heat pump systems also require different control wiring than a standard thermostat, but can be very cost-effective in the long run. The simple addition of a baseboard or fan forced heater may help to eliminate the chill from entry ways and other drafty areas.


xxx When upgrading your incandescent bulbs, keep in mind that warmer (orange) light has a color temperature near 2700 degrees Kelvin, while white (blue) light is at the other end of the spectrum near 6000 degrees Kelvin. Adapting or upgrading fluorescent style fixtures can sometimes be daunting, but they seldom require maintenance during the very long life of the lamp and use much less power than other light sources. This efficient improvement is a superior way to light shops, garages, and commercial spaces.


Most installations don't require an excavator, a simple trench is generally sufficient. Excavation is best done during the warm season. If you're considering a power installation to a new building, it's best to achieve at least the feeder installation before winter complicates things.


New Construction Taking time to plan properly is a core element to any sizable project proceeding as smoothly as possible. Electrical installations can be very simple with a focus on utility, or very ornate with many different options and creature comforts. A conversation to balance desire with budget and utility is a great place to start.


Emergency Service Calls A home or business without sound electrical supply and components could pose a danger to you, your family, or your livelihood. Rintoul Electric is available 24/7 via call, text, or email to address emergency situations. Don't gamble with safety - let's get back your peace of mind.

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CONSULTATION Whether you're building a house, shop, commercial kitchen, grocery store, oil well, or simply adding a receptacle and cable jack on your wall to hang your television, it's probably in my wheelhouse. Maybe a light switch feels sloppy, or you want to add a network switch so you can move your wireless router to the main floor. Perhaps it's time to finish the basement for additional bedrooms as your family grows. Consider Rintoul Electric for all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Simply call, text, or email. If a little advice is all you need I will do my best to get you started in the right direction.

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